Mehrez+Krema is an Egyptian company; founded by Dr. Khaled Mehrez and Dr. Hanan Krema, and dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture and decoration elements that are marked by a unique flavour of tradition. The designs of Mehrez+Krema adopt a variety of styles; namely the Ancient Egyptian, Islamic, Folkloric, Calligraphic, Ethnic, Neo Classic, Art Deco, and even Mythology. Mixing any of these styles with an aspect of modernity; we reach a formula of quality, practicality, and creativity, as well as cost-effectiveness.

At Mehrez+Krema, we cooperate with our clients to fulfil their own ideas, needs, and personal preferences; which act as our guideline as we work. We create full ambiances with our own furniture designs, decorative items, wall claddings, doors, and dressings. Caring to complement our setups, Mehrez+Krema also offers lighting items, home accessories, artworks, and sculptures. We selectively-choose all of our materials, textiles, furniture hardware, and lighting elements from all over the world. This is based on our thorough understanding of every market specialty and our long-term know-how of the means to acquire optimum quality while still maintaining cost-effectiveness.

By offering full furniture and furnishing solutions that suit nowadays’ living spaces while complying with the global trends; Mehrez+Krema’s designs meet the needs of the community’s high class intellectuals; mostly newlyweds, who are aware of ongoing trends and seek the simplicity of modernity with the essence of tradition, art, and creativity in design.

We’re continuously exploring what the world has to offer in furniture design, and the means to develop our industry. We develop our business accordingly, by obtaining state-of-the-art machinery, expanding our factory and storage space, and further-expanding the scope of our production. We also aim to continue spreading geographically; by opening more showrooms that bring us closer to our current and future customers.
Our core mission is to create home designs that maintain the flavour of tradition with its aesthetic value; while satisfying the needs of modern spaces. Through our commitment to quality of production while maintaining reasonable pricing; we aim at supporting newly-weds by offering luxurious and creative designs for furnishing their homes.
Furniture is an integral factor to shaping the character of an interior space, it sets its features and defines its entity. We perceive furniture design from that philosophical approach, while studying aspects of art, function, and cost-effectiveness all-in-one!

Putting profits aside, we simply believe that every human being who loves his work and is seriously dedicated to it; will be unexpectedly paid back in life. This dedication to our work and our true integrity with our clients are in the human nature of every one at Mehrez+Krema.

We effectively communicate with our customers; to reach practical solutions and tailor our designs to fit in perfectly - dimension and design wise - within their homes. We also offer interior consultation for textiles, wall solutions, and other home design features. Our after-sales relations guarantee that we are always there for our customers; following up with their queries and complaints whenever present with utmost care, while offering an extra service of maintenance up to 10 years from the purchase date.

At Mehrez+Krema, we always seek to maintain a high level of staff professionalism; be they designers, engineers, sales, workmen, or administrative personnel. Their loyalty and the overall common goal of our business advancement is likewise met by our care for adding to their skills and experience, while maintaining their presence as part of the Mehrez+Krema family. This is also why manpower safety is an integral part of the Mehrez+Krema factory policy.

We commit to both industry specifications and our customers' demands as we design and produce our work. Likewise is our commitment to the contracted 2-3-month delivery time. We hence guarantee the professional outcome and our customers’ satisfaction.

Our main target segment is the intellectual newly-weds. We analyse their preferences, and the requirements of their living spaces, as well as their financial capabilities and cultural backgrounds. Through this deep study, we work on achieving balance in our designs between luxury, uniqueness, and cost-effectiveness.

Mehrez+Krema’s products are always displayed throughout our own showrooms, the factory outlet, and every important furniture fair in Egypt; namely Le Marche, Furnex, La Casa, and The Design Show. Our sales personnel always collect feedback from our customers and exhibition booth visitors which helps us further-understand our customers’ needs, requirements, and any frustrations they might have faced within the furniture market. Furthermore, our visits and contributions to furniture fairs abroad; as in Italy, France and Dubai, give us a wider scale of feedback and broadens our scope of ideas. This allows us to maintain our international style while keeping our customers’ comments and suggestions in mind.
The creative story behind Mehrez+Krema goes back to the year 2002, when Dr. Khaled Mehrez founded his furniture design company under the name “Mehrez-Egyptian Style”; specializing in ancient Egyptian and Art Deco designs. Between furniture, textiles, and lighting; the company catered to both the residential and hospitality sectors and was soon acknowledged for its authentic Egyptian identity.

In 2005, his wife - Dr. Hanan Krema - founded her own furniture company and showcased her designs under the brand name “Krema”, which boasted Islamic art and Egyptian folklore manifested in a modern fashionable context. Krema’s designs experimented with new textures and colours, as well as the art of calligraphy, which branded the company’s designs in the furniture market in Egypt ever since.

Sharing one creative design house and utilizing the same factory; the harmonious fusion of style and talent between both brands was inevitable. So in 2011, the long experiences of “Mehrez” and “Krema” joined to form a complete picture of authentic design under one name: "Mehrez+Krema". This merging - which was both spontaneous and logical - came out to be a unique formula of artistic creativity; through which both designers collaborate towards presenting new aspects of innovation every year; setting the trends for authentic furniture design in Egypt!

Inclusivity had been in the corporate strategy from the very beginning; thus we’ve been always keen on providing furniture designs that are complemented by a huge variety of miscellaneous decorative items. We took this approach a step forward in 2014, when we started establishing deals with specialized lighting companies abroad so we could offer matching lighting items throughout our different showrooms. We selectively-imported the lighting designs that matched with our own authentic style and thus, the new lighting trade line was launched.

Mid-2017, we announced the launch of our own lighting [design and production] line; where the importation process became for lighting elements only; which then get assembled according to our own drawings. The Mehrez+Krema factory at Badr Industrial City now manufactures every wooden accessory involved in the lighting item; whereas the related metal works are outsourced to specialized local factories.
• A unique character for every design
• Obvious attention to detail and quality
• A mix between tradition and modernity
• A unique choice of colours and textures
• Highly-appealing and durable upholstering
• A clear understanding of beauty proportions
• An inclusive style through product type variety
• A sense of luxury projected by natural materials
• Long-lasting furniture with highly-durable hardware
• High level of production reflecting advanced techniques
• Harmony of style; manifested in a variety of related items
• Utility of high quality, variable & carefully-selected materials
• Creative customization of design solutions for customer satisfaction

All of Mehrez+Krema’s products feature rich and luxurious natural materials that boast authenticity; especially with the use of special handcrafts. At Mehrez+Krema, wood is ornamented in marquetry, sculptural motifs, engraving, leather finishes, and aluminium elements that are plated in bronze, gold, and nickel-chrome. This is added to our unusual integration of different colours of glass, crystals, and mirrors in furniture design! Every element we import to use in our furniture, be it hardware, metal accessory, paint, polish, fur, fabric or leather, glass or mirror; is selected from the world’s best brands and pre-ordered by Mehrez+Krema to guarantee its quality and that of the final product. The same principles apply to every element we import to integrate in our lighting designs.

With the variety of products offered by Mehrez+Krema; the process of furnishing a home that is marked by a harmony of style becomes easy and result-guaranteed. Bedrooms vary according to usage and age category with respect to dimensions, colour palettes, materials, and the kind of items used. Master Bedrooms are focused on granting sensual comfort and sold as full setups, while Teenage Rooms are designed to be practical and flexible to suit the variable indoor activities, utilities, and needs. As for Kids’ Rooms, they are marked by cheerful colours and designs; while being composed of separate units that can be easily integrated according to the space available to create flexible play, study, and sleep areas inside the same space.

Our Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, and Salons all boast luxury; with the dining chairs forming panoramic designs that harmonize with the chosen themes for buffets, dining tables, and chinaware cabinets. The living rooms guarantee comfort despite their obvious luxury and elegance. They are also complemented by their own banquets and multi-functional bookcases, as well as coffee and side tables. Our salons come out to be definitely precious with their sophisticated designs and crafted legs, as well as the integrated mix between patterned and plain fabric, or - alternatively - between differently-textured leather surfaces.

Everything else that is needed to complement our customers’ homes is designed and produced by Mehrez+Krema; including consoles, cupboards or storage units, dressing rooms, coffee, side, and game tables (such as chess and billiard ones), a variety of paravans, flower pots, fireplaces, sculptural tableaus, photo frames, and other decorative home accessories. Those miscellaneous items provide the final touch needed to complete the elegant and luxurious style originally offered through Mehrez+Krema’s furniture.

To let it all show and provide even further perfect harmony for our customers' homes, we offer our own lighting items which are assembled from selectively-imported elements and ornamented by our custom wooden works and outsourced metal works to perfectly-match our furniture designs. The lighting items we offer vary between chandeliers, pendant lamps, lighting globes, floor and table lamps, as well as candelabrums; in modern and contemporary styles.

The variety in design at Mehrez+Krema is a natural result from the diversified artistic backgrounds of the founding designers; Dr. Khaled Mehrez and Dr. Hanan Krema, with their long experiences in the furniture design, production, and trade sectors. Combining this variety with authenticity, and flexibility in design solutions; we excel in offering all-inclusive harmonious designs from aspects of style, texture, and colour. This is added to - of course - an unmatchable flavour of tradition in design that is presented in a practical and functional context while matching with the world’s modern design trends.
The core concept behind Mehrez+Krema is based on the entity of the owners being designers, whose designs are transformed into reality at Mehrez+Krema’s factory. The design aspect as well as the realization of it thus form Mehrez+Krema’s 1st establishment; “House of Design & Furniture Industry”.

The designs reach our end customers through a set of showrooms and an outlet which are managed by “Mehrez+Krema Furniture Trade Company”. Customers browsing designs at our showrooms, or in our catalogue, are free to request changes of colours, materials, veneers, or dimensions. According to customers’ space requirements and such preferences; our designers at “House of Design & Furniture Industry” edit the designs, and transfer them to the factory to check the possibility of the requested changes. The cost of changes is estimated then, the needed materials are purchased and our customers’ tailored designs are manufactured.

This is where we explore the international markets and determine the styles to adopt and the design directions to create. It is here where drawings are made in details, and prototypes are created, examined, and modified. Clients’ modification requests which are transferred from the designers at Mehrez+Krema’s showrooms also arrive here, to be transformed into cutting lists and bills of materials; and then go through all the phases of planning, production, packaging, and temporary storage or delivery and installation.

Located at Badr Industrial City; Mehrez+Krema’s factory area has expanded with 80% in only three years to reach 14,600 square meters in 2020. The expansion hosts the offices of warehouse management, new multifunctional warehouses, and production material storage space as well as a product photography studio.

Each of the factory departments has its specific role in the production cycle. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery; Mehrez+Krema’s factory excels in achieving production in competitive timelines; with detailed precision and craftsmanship that exceed expectations.

Always seeking to develop our production techniques, we utilize the CNC technology which applies several production processes consequently through one machine; hence saving time and easing the possibility of creating special details. Our UV painting line, which isn't very commonly used in Egypt; also guarantees high-quality toning and finishing.

In 2020, we installed a new automatic sewing machine for achieving precise fabric and leather upholstering, as well as an automatic log sawmill for cutting massive wood logs into wooden slides. This is added to a Lumber Dryer to dry the slides, as means of future crack prevention. We’ve also always had our central waste-disposal system; which saves both our labour’s health, and the environment overall.

The Mehrez+Krema lighting line, which was launched mid-2017 and developed in 2020, features the assembly of imported lighting elements, with tailored wooden elements that we manufacture in our factory, as well as metal elements that are outsourced to specialized factories which execute the metal works in compliance with our pre-set specifications. All of our furniture items, lighting products included, are reviewed at our factory for quality through the different stages of production; to be then assembled, packaged, and delivered to our customers’ homes and Mehrez+Krema’s showrooms or stored at our warehouses until the agreed-upon delivery time.

Located at Obour Buildings, Salah Salem, this company is the means to providing our designs to the market. It manages our furniture and lighting showrooms and executes the selective processes for the imported lighting elements as well as the furniture hardware and metal accessories. It is also the company responsible for managing the factory outlet and product photography studio.

Always seeking to be closer to customers, Mehrez+Krema has five furniture showrooms in different areas of Cairo; namely Mohandiseen, New Cairo; at Downtown Katameya and Cairo Festival City, 6th of October City; at Mall of Egypt, and Heliopolis; at City Center Almaza. Also in Heliopolis, specifically at Ramo Shopping Center, lies the Mehrez+Krema “Lighting Showroom”.

In 2020, M+K launched the factory outlet at Badr Industrial City to host any returned furniture items or cancelled orders. The items featured here are displayed in discounted prices to serve a wider audience; and as means of offering lower-cost pandemic-considerate solutions. The outlet also successfully encourages our customers to achieve multiple purchases when they find ready-to-pick items that meet their needs.